We are running “Aashraya Foundation Children’s Home at Hiregutti” for such deprived girl children from interior villages of Western Ghats at Hiregutti. Our aim is not only providing them Education but also helping them in achieving their goals and make them responsible citizens of society.

Providing education to the underprivileged sections of society is a mounting challenge. At Aashraya Foundation, it is our goal to educate maximum children belonging to this section of society.

Aashraya has adopted a Govt. High School in one of the most remote villages in the District. Foundation is taking care of all the needs of the school, i.e. sports kit, mike set, wall clocks & fans to all the rooms, cupboards etc. And also organize regular educative programs on nature, health & social responsibility.

Aashraya organizes regular educative programs to the students of rural schools on subject like nature, Health care, social responsibility & personal development. Rural children simply lack the education of this sort. Another important goal of “Aashraya” is to prevent these youngsters from ending up in slums in big cities, but instead offer them the opportunity to prepare for jobs, which in return makes them responsible citizens of the society.

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth….”