Our district is one of the most naturally blessed place of india. On one side we have most richly bio diversified world famous range of Western Ghats and the Aribian Sea on the other side. Four principal rivers flow westwards from the crest of Western Ghats to the sea they are Kali, Gangavali, Aghanashini and Sharavathi.

These rivers form numerous waterfalls , the most famous of which are Jog falls, Unchalli falls, Magod falls, Shivganga falls, Sathodi falls, Benne Holae falls, are some of the best natural falls of the district. In the low lands these rivers form wide and rare estuaries, extending sarval kilometers inland from the coast.

The districts high rainfall supports lush green and dense forests which covers approximately 70% of the district, which is home for prestizous wild life like Tigers, Blank Panthers, Leopards, Gaur, Sambar and wide range of Birds and reptiles.

The district also has the most beautiful and natural beaches which attracts people from all over the world , hence makes it one of the most preferred tourist destination in india.

This belt is already weighed down by projects like Kadra and Kadasalli hydro projects, the Kaiga Nuclear Plant, Sea Bird Project. According to National Environment Engineering Research Institute ( NEERI ) the regions carrying capacity has been exceeded and it cannot take any more projects. But the Governments from State and Center are bend upon to get few Thermal Plants and other hazardous projects in the region which will not only effect the local environment but also effect the local fishing , Salt production, local culture , harmony and upcoming tourism activities in large scale.

Hence Aashraya Foundation Eco Club had taken up the task of not only creating awareness about this precious Environment but also to save this god given nature from further destruction.


We were instrumental in shifting Tadri Thermal Power project and Hankon Termal Power Project from the district.

We played a vital role in saving karwar beach from destruction in formation of 4 Lane National Highway Project.

We regularly conduct Environmental Programs in schools and collages to creat awareness among children.

We are in constant touch with District administration, Forest dept, Mines and Geology dept and Pollution Control Board to protect our natural resources.

And making Plastic Free Zone in all the beaches of our district are the core objectives of Aashraya Foundation.