Eye Donation


Do you know? About 45 lakh corneal blind people are waiting for someone to donate eyes, out of these 60% of them are children and every year about 20 thousand people are added to this category. Acute shortage of eye donation has placed their future in uncertainty.

Why scarcity? Main reason for poor supply being lack of awareness coupled with myths & misconceptions about donating eye, lack of eye bank facilities, ironically eye banking and cornea grafting are not lucrative fields.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, we have taken up the task of creating awareness about eye donation in Uttar Kannada District by setting up Aashraya Foundation Eye Collection Centre at Ankola. Naturally the entire process is charity based and involves huge expenditure which has to be generated from public donations.

If spirit of service calls you please pledge your eyes at the local eye bank. At any death coming across remind the bereaved about eye donation of their dear departed and support the local eye bank as a social duty.

Smt. Honnamma Narayan Nayak, Hichkad – first eye donor says “Eye donation is the most sacred thing that we could do after our death, if two persons can get vision after my death, it will be a great service to humanity. I am happy to donate my eyes.”

Aashraya Foundation appeals to the people to donate Eyes, please note there is no artificial alternative to human cornea. One pair eyes give sight to two corneal blind individuals.

Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes. “Make it your wish”