The most effective way to help is through financial support.

Aashraya does not receive any grants, loans or financial support from a Government. Aashraya relies solely on the support of people such as you.

Individual dontaions guarantee the steady stream of funds necessary for its work. Some individuals support Aashraya’s work without conditions; others want their donations earmarked, for instance for a specific scholarship or for a new facility at a specific school. Aashraya welcomes donations from family foundations and legacies.

Instead of Presents:

Do you celebrate an important birthday, a milestone in your marriage? Are you goint to organize a housewarming party, a family thanksgiving or a Christmas party? Think about asking for contributions for AASHRAYA project instead of receiving presents.

Be a Volunteer:

To support Aashraya’s work as a volunteer it is not necessary to come to Ankola. You can organize a fundraising event at the school of your children, in your neighborhood, at your service or sports club for the good cause of Aashraya. If you come to Ankola you can be a volunteer in teaching English at one of the schools or teach and organize art, games or sport events. But you need to realize, although we have a special room for you to stay, that the circumstances are different, the weather is not always great and not much English is spoken. But it will be a unique experience, may be the experience of a lifetime. The hospitality of the teachers and children is amazing.

Support with your Service Club or Foundation:

90% of the money donated goes directly to the Aashraya projects. It is Aashraya’s principle to work in close co-operation with the community. AASHRAYA’S projects are realized within the given time schedule and within the stated budget. Applications for donations and the reporting are extensive, detailed and transparent. All these are important reasons why Service Clubs and Foundations raise funds for Aashraya and continue their support year after year. We are very thankful for their generous support of our well wishers. So we need your support even more. By realizing new school facilities more and more children are able to go to school, which shows that Aashraya’s work has effect. Your donation can make a difference for hill tribe children.